Our Story

SEEDS OF CHANGE® began as a small organic seed company In 1989, with a simple mission:

To preserve biodiversity and promote the use of sustainable organic agricultural practices. Our company has evolved to be a strong producer of organic foods.  Our line of organic rice and grain blends were inspired by the notion that great taste and sustainability go hand in hand.  Today, all of our products are made with the future in mind. We are inspired by seeds as the foundation of goodness, and are passionate about bringing that goodness to your plate.

Premium Ingredients and Exceptional Flavour

We put our hearts and minds into crafting a range of flavours that use only the world’s most premium flavour ingredients. We use the simplest combination ingredients to ensure the flavours emerge purely and distinctly; our goal is for you to savor the same fresh taste our farmers enjoy while out in the fields. That’s why we bring only organic ingredients that are sourced from ethically motivated growers who – like us – believe that truly great food comes as nature intended.