1% of our sales in 2015 will go to participating Community Gardens across Canada! Help us* spread the goodness to the participating communities.

† * See Program Terms and Conditions for full details.

The Goodness Within

New to Canada

Premium organic varieties of rice and grain blends range from traditional to the exotic – including Indian and Spanish flavours.


No Artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. We believe that truly great food comes as nature intended.


Our products are made with Organic ingredients, and are Certified Organic by QAI, a leading organic product-certifying agency.

90 second prep time

Makes cooking simple and easy. Cook in the microwave or heat in a skillet and it’s ready in 90 seconds.

Vegetarian Appropriate

All SEEDS OF CHANGE® Ready-To-Heat Rice products are vegetarian appropriate.

Deliciously Unique

We are passionate about using premium ingredients and exceptional flavours, bringing you goodness in every bite.

We are growers.

Inspired by seeds as the foundation of goodness, we are passionate about the way our food is grown and the people who grow it. As the makers of SEEDS OF CHANGE®, we want to make a difference by helping people to know where their food comes from and how it is grown.

We make deliciously good food, from the seed, to your plate.


As the makers of SEEDS OF CHANGE® we are strong believers of Organic foods.